Industrial high efficiency 1500 kw hot water boiler

A industrial high efficiency 1500 kw hot water boiler economizer: located in the vertical flue at the end of the boiler, using flue gas waste heat to heat the boiler feed water, reduce the exhaust temperature, improve the boiler efficiency, save fuel.

Recently, the Shuangyashan City, thoroughly implement the first meeting of the Central and the National Finance Committee, the province's environmental protection spirit of the General Assembly to further implement the "State Council on the issuance of winning the Battle of Blue Sky's three-year action plan" to do "atmosphere ten" task finishing verification and improve air quality living environment for the residents to protect the health of the people, combined with the actual situation, the specific "Shuangyashan City 2018 air pollution control implementation plan."

"Plan" focused on job content is to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, effectively reduce coal pollution. Of built-up urban area shutdown, demolition, instead of using biomass fuel boiler inspection, investigation and comprehensive urban fringe areas built-up area if there is a new violation, missing, incomplete elimination of small coal-fired boilers, to eliminate incomplete, missing, "resurgence" boiler promptly dealt with severely, and formed out of work ledger, as planned phase-out. Existing "clear" action identified 28 small coal-fired boilers, before the end of September 2018, to phase out the "cleared" of work, and in strict accordance with the requirements "a furnace" during the establishment phase out the boiler archives for future reference. Planning the construction of central heating heat source, heat accelerate network construction and transformation progress, constantly expanding area of ​​central heating and central heating ratio; advancing coal to gas, coal to electricity and other clean energy alternatives, to promote industrial parks and industrial clusters concentrated heat source, steam source facilities.

Battle of blue sky and started "out of coal-fired boilers" special action to start the county (district) level urban built-up area of ​​10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler, tea furnace, operating coal-fired kitchen stove and other facilities, grain storage coal drying equipment out of work. County (district) to co-ordinate well out of work, organized a special team completed a comprehensive investigation of the status quo area coal-fired boilers, establish a list out of coal-fired boilers, the production out of specific programs, and to work out the boiler out of subsidies. Before the end of the first to eliminate a large number of pollution levels, residents reacted strongly to the coal-fired facilities.

Why use softened water boiler to recommend to 2017-10-09 Core Tip: Do not softened water, easy to scale. Due to the continuous evaporation of steam, boiler water, calcium, magnesium, impurity concentration is very high - 30-50 times the natural water, the fouling rate beyond our imagination, just six months to a year, it can scale 1-2mm. The scale of great harm, when severe, can cause the boiler to burst! Performance comparison scale and thermally conductive metal. Scale thermal conductivity of only about 0.5% of the metal, after scaling the boiler, in order to achieve thermal efficiency when there is no scale, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the heating surface, such as: the furnace wall temperature of 250 deg.] C, when fouling 1mm, to to achieve the same thermal efficiency, to increase the wall temperature to 650 ℃, heat absorption rate is very low at this time, energy consumption is increased. 1, the scale has three main hazards: (1) reduce heat absorption, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, waste of fuel, thus increasing the boiler operating costs. (2) lead to fouling of the furnace wall temperature was increased exponentially, steel stress rupture, reduction in strength, burst occurs serious, life is reduced. (3) Effect of steam quality, the steam of calcium, magnesium, easily fitting the boiler (safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure control, etc.), the steam device (e.g., iron, etc.) furring clogging. 2, the use of demineralized water three reasons: (1) "steam (hot water) Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" provisions must be. (2) maintaining thermal efficiency, save fuel, increase steam quality, prolong life. Furnace 3-4mm thick which generally use 20 # steel pot, a water pipe, the outer fire tube, over time, thicker tube wall scale, scouring the pipe outside the flame intensity (particularly vertical furnace is a side fired) topical steel high temperature, could easily lead pipe burst. For reasons of internal structure generally can not be welded boiler repair, it can only be scrapped. Is there any way to soften the water, to achieve "Boiler Rules" requirement? 1, water softener added: based on water quality test results, adding the right amount of softener every day. This method is difficult to grasp the scale, and the results are generally poor. 2, using the soft automatic processor: it works: with an ion tree fingering, adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions, to achieve the desired demineralized water. Currently the most widely used is better, the economy is simple American-made Tuzu (AUTOTROL) or Fu Laike (FLECK) automatic water softener processor. Recommendation: Use the United States automatic softener processor, fuel-efficient fuel-saving save money, extend the life of the boiler quality and security, in particular vertical water tube boilers, should be equipped with automatic water processor. Whether the information and data provided by the supplier norms true? (Oil furnace to an example, and with reference to the estimated fuel consumption) Rated Evaporation (kg / h) ≈ × 14 standard fuel consumption heat production (million kcal / h) ≈ fuel consumption × 0.9 vendor 8 documents should contain the following major items: 1, the production plant manufacturing license (photocopy) 2, boiler safety and quality supervisory inspection certificate (original copy is not valid) 3, boiler quality certificate (original and copy invalid) 4, strength 5 calculations, the safety valve 6 emissions calculations, installation manual 7, FIG original total (the "pot Zhiji Jian Province Unexamined No. ×× word" seal of approval, copy is invalid) 8, the body FIG boiler plate should pot seized by the supervisory inspection stamp mark.

Boiler not cleaned What are the dangers boiler daily to do the cleaning work, the scale should be cleaned, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, which harm the following look at the boiler scale: 1, causing the metal heating surface of boiler overheating, damage to the boiler, shorten life. Boiler heating surface green scale, cooling the metal wall surface is affected, resulting in increased wall temperature, the mechanical strength of the metal material is reduced, resulting in heating surface deformation, bulge, burst pipes and the like, or even a serious explosion. Damage to the boiler, affecting life. 2, to reduce the evaporation boiler, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, waste of fuel. The presence of boiler scale is equivalent to an additional layer of resistance heating surface, because the scale is lower than the thermal conductivity of steel is large, hindering heat transfer, the heat released by combustion of fuel can not be effectively transferred to the water, water vapor can not be measured heat , with the exhaust gas side of heat is lost, and therefore to reduce the boiler output, fuel waste. According to statistics, the junction of a millimeter scale, about 2 to 3% waste fuel. 3, disruption of normal boiler water circulation, forced shutdown maintenance, increase maintenance costs. After water boiler fouling, reduced flow cross-section of the inner tube, the flow of power to increase the water cycle, even when serious completely blocked. Disrupted and boiler water circulation pipe burn, forced shutdown for maintenance. Waste of human and material resources, resulting in losses. In short scale great harm to the boiler, the boiler can not be safe and economic operation. Explosion-proof doors too heavy or inadequate pressure relief area; Exhaust Gas Temperature unreasonable. Caused by poor management of the boiler running water or boiler filled with water; poor management of water quality caused by boiler scaling; oxygen poor metal heating surface corrosion; sewage is not timely boiler water alkalinity is too high; adjust the boiler is not timely adverse atomization, incomplete combustion, flame instability or skewed; the fault itself or combustion burner system failure caused by boiler flameout. In summary, boilers and process design supporting improper installation, operation mismanagement can cause accidents occurred boiler, enterprises and workers to bring the loss of life and property. As long as we understand and master the hidden laws of boiler accident, strict boiler design, boiler installation, boiler management, and constantly improve and perfect the boiler management method, you can while avoiding disadvantages, to avoid boiler accident.

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