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Works steam steam 6000 kw electric steam generator in almaty steam boiler structural characteristics: 1. Heat generated in combustion of coal is first absorbed water wall heat transfer by radiation, boiling off the water wall, a large amount of steam (excluding DC furnace) inside the drum, separated saturated steam enters the superheater, and by radiation and convection manner continue to absorb top horizontal flue heat and smoke flue tail, the superheated steam to reach the required operating temperature. Steam boilers for power generation is usually provided with a reheater, to a high pressure steam heated cylinders. Reheat steam reheaters into the low-pressure cylinder continue to work to generate electricity. 2. pulverized coal work, the location of the center of the flame will affect evaporation. Generally, when the center of the flame is low, a large amount of evaporation, and when the high center of the flame, a small amount of evaporation. Also affects the position of the center of the flame superheated steam or reheat steam temperature. Normally, when the center of the flame is low, superheated steam, in particular steam reheating temperature to be low, and the temperature of the superheated steam is high. 3. Pulverized Coal Burner front and rear walls is arranged a thrust manner, tangential firing mode, bis tangential firing methods, each method has its own characteristics. Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler to biomass energy as a boiler fuel called biomass boilers, steam boilers into biomass, biomass hot water boiler, biomass stove, biomass thermal oil heaters, vertical raw biomass boilers, biomass boilers and other horizontal. Since the above-described arrangement can not be applied in the same furnace at the same time, the influence of steam can not be directly determined. Steam boiler structural characteristics: 1, the steam boiler body welding: the main welding using submerged arc welding technology advanced, to ensure the welding quality. There are heating and hot water boiler bath for two purposes. Hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump hot water holding tank, the tank hot water heating cycle can be achieved bath object; hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) people can achieve heating requirements; hot water boiler and hot water circulating pump with heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. All welds are main as required "safety Technology supervision standard", 100% ray detection electrode according to the eligibility criteria Ⅱ. 2 is a horizontal steam boiler combustion all wet back three-loop structure. 3. The steam boiler front smoke box is sealed asbestos refractory material made of graphite. The reliable seal, ensures that no leakage of steam boiler flue gas at positive pressure conditions. 4. Thread flue: steam generator secondary regenerator flue threaded convection heating surface, contribute to the efficient heat transfer. Enhanced heat transfer, thermal efficiency of the steam boiler, a single light pipe threaded pipe or 2.4. When the fluid flows in the tube, the flow rate of the fluid near the wall is low, the fluid on the wall boundary layer is called. In several of the flue gas duct in the outer aqueous series resistance, the maximum thermal boundary layer, but the boundary layer is very thin, as long as the boundary layer is slightly perturbed, such as by pressing on a common wall of the boss, the thermal resistance will be greatly reduced, while an effective method which is threaded pipe. 5. To make the system more energy efficient, using a continuously adjustable water supply, avoiding frequent start the pump. Between the second and the third pivot smoke tubes have a broad space for water, in order to ensure natural circulation of water in the pot.

Opening the water supply valve motor, regenerative electric closing valve, a pressure pump to start the cycle frequency control constant voltage supply, electric steam 6000 kw electric steam generator in almaty starts after about 30 seconds, in such a manner direct supply water to the user. At the end of the water supply, stop circulating pressure pump, electric boiler stops after 60 seconds. When the water reaches the time period, the electric power boiler feed water valve is open, regenerative electric valve is closed, the electric boiler is not working, the circulation pump frequency control water supply pressure. Electric power supply period of boiler feed water valve has been closed, not to pay it to avoid the cold water supply to the user. If the heat storage tank and the temperature is below the set temperature in the regenerator period of 5 ° C, pressure circulation pump into operation again, electric boiler start working after 30 seconds.

Recently, we learned: Rugao City, Jiangsu Province Supervisor Bureau Jiang Security Bureau adhere to safety first, prevention first, the principle of comprehensive management of energy saving, in-depth implementation of steam 6000 kw electric steam generator in almaty production, sale, use, import and other aspects of business within the jurisdiction of the main energy saving responsibility inherent jurisdiction to conduct a hazard investigation work boiler.

Inspection process, City Supervisor Bureau Jiang branch of law enforcement personnel to go to boiler units, key to see whether there are coal-fired boilers, boiler inspection whether, whether for the use of registration, whether special equipment operator certificates, boiler safety management system developed and the status of implementation, boiler employees education and training, and emergency rescue drills to conduct audits, establish inspection records and ledger work, to maximize the elimination of security risks.

Up to now, there were still not found the use of coal-fired boiler of Unit within the jurisdiction. City Supervisor Bureau Jiang Security Bureau will continue to work closely with the various departments work together to advance environmental protection and ecological civilization construction work to further strengthen supervision to achieve a comprehensive cleared coal-fired boilers.

Another technology being incorporated by steam 6000 kw electric steam generator in almaty manufacturers is the gas turbine.When a gas turbine is used, natural gas is fired, and the hot gasses are used to spin a turbine attached to an electrical generator to make electricity.Since there is still available heat in the gas that exhausts from the turbine, it is then sent through a Utility Power HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator).Similar to a watertube boiler, the hot exhaust gasses from the turbine heat water in the tubes of the utility power HRSG and turn it into steam, which is then used to turn a second steam-driven turbine attached to another electrical generator.This technology is called “Combined Cycle Cogeneration”, and is a very efficient use of fuel because the same fuel source is used twice to drive turbines.

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